Succeed in dating

One of the successful characteristics of successful partners is that they are friends first – they are comfortable with each other.

If you’re lucky and the timing is right, everything is right. It feels like you’ve known each other for years.

But often you have to give it time. The most important thing is to enjoy and rejoice, not try to impress.

If you’ve been dating for quite some time and are still self-conscious when you’re in each other’s presence, you still need to work more on your relationship. You are not part of a relationship. You are the relationship

The same goes with confessing your love.

Love is a baby without the adult’s awareness and gaze. It doesn’t see logic, it doesn’t listen to any reasoning, it just listens to the emotions.

But for Cupid to act on your behalf, you must love yourself before you can love others. You have to be confident and have a sense of self-sufficiency before you love others. You have to be you and love being you.

Don’t lose yourself in the process of impressing others. Be his/her friend – friends don’t judge. They just enjoy and love each other for who they are.

People these days are really impatient. They need everything perfect. They can’t wait. They cannot compromise, and that is bad for a successful relationship. You have to cultivate patience in yourself. You have to be patient with your partner. You have to learn to love your partner’s flaws. Cultivate patience. Learn to love your partner’s flaws. If they are not patient or love your flaws, you need to move on.

One of life’s many beauties is to enjoy. Live life freely. Look cool but don’t be afraid to look stupid.

AOD offers you a platform where you can show yourself as you are, tell about your dreams to those you choose and who accept you as you are, they are also the ones with whom you can build a future together.

Be truthful about yourself and you will find your life partner.

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