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So, you are interested in advertising on a global web page that reaches millions of users worldwide? A web page that mainly refers to people who would like to travel to south-eastern Asia and maybe also want to settle down there. Then you’ve come right. We believe that the companies that manage best with an advertising spot with us are embassies and consulates, travel companies and insurance companies, visa companies, and exchange companies regardless of country.
Hotels, car rents, car sellers, taxi companies, estate brokers, building companies, lawyers, flower and gift companies as well as restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues in southeastern Asia. But of course, there are others as well. We offer several different options for your advertising spot with us and all of them are very affordable. Contact us at for more information. We also have an affiliate program, if you rather prefer that, we explain both of those opportunities if you contact us at, the AOD team (We love to see your business grow)

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