What is GDPR

GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, is the EU’s extended personal data protection for consumers and applies to both physical and electronic purchases.

What does GDPR mean

In short, GDPR, for you as a consumer, can be summarized in a few points;

1. Companies that have some form of personal data register shall have routines for reporting which data is collected and how they are used.

2. Consumers have the right to find out what information is available about them in the company’s registry, and if the consumer so wishes the data is to be changed or deleted.

3. Consumers are entitled to know if the data is sold or otherwise shared with any third party.

4. Personal data shall not be saved longer than necessary. The main rule states that if a person has not been active for one year, all personal data about this person should be deleted. There is, however, an exception, and other laws, such as financial accounting laws, that could require something else.

5. If the company holding personal data suspects or confirms that their data has been subjected to a successful or failed attempt of improper access, the company shall immediately notify the GDPR responsible authority in any EU country and the persons included in the registry. In addition, appropriate measures to minimize damage should be taken.


AOD.DATING follow the GDPR for all our users, even if they do not live within EU.

The information collects about you is;

  1. The information you provide on registration on our web pages. Exceptions are your bank card details that do not go to us but to our payment gateway.

The collected data are used to build your profile on our site. Information that can lead directly to you, such as your email address, Skype and the like, will not appear in your profile, and we encourage you not to disclose such information to other visitors of our site.

2. Your activities when visiting our site, such as messages you sent, received and so on. Your activity history contains your activities for the past 120 days, older activities are deleted, this relays only to your activities. Your data about yourself are being saved longer, see below.

3. Some information about the equipment you use when visiting our website. This includes the location of cookies on your computer. We use this information in two ways. Firstly, to give you a better experience of our site. Secondly, we use this information in our system to prevent and detect scammers and hackers.

4. Some of the cookies we use will be destroyed immediately when you leave our site, others remain until you are removed from our registry. You can turn off the use of cookies yourself in your browser’s settings, but you may then get an inferior experience of your visit to our site.

5. You can change most of the information we have about you through your profile.

6. All information we have about you is deleted after you have been inactive, not visited our site, in six months (a certain time delay may occur due to workload). If you want to unsubscribe earlier, send an email to “”. The mail must be sent from the e-mail address you have registered with us and in the mail, you must enter your email address, username and password for the site. Any outstanding credits will not be refunded.

7. If you want to know what information we have about you in our registry, send an email to “”. The mail must be sent from the e-mail address you have registered with us and include your email address, username, and password.

AOD.DATING and information to third parties

1. AOD.DATING never sells your information to third parties but we may share certain information about you with third parties in the following three cases.

a) Your bank card details will go to our payment gateway and never reach us.

b) Certain information is provided to third parties in cases where you purchase or receive physical goods or services that we offer through third parties. This information is required for the task to be performed. For example, it may be about your name, address and/or telephone number.

c) If, due to suspicion of criminal handling or similar, we are required to provide information to the authority by decision. and ads as well as links

On our site, there may be ads and links to third parties. We will not disclose any information about you if you follow any of these by clicking on them nor accepting any liability whatsoever for the contents of these pages or how these sites collect and process your personal information.

How do we protect your data

First, we do manually, human, tests every day. Secondly, we have blocked those countries that are known for scammers. Third, we have two independent software that scan the pages 24 hours a day, trying to find scammers and using known scammer tricks to try to log in. Forth, your sensitive data, such as email-address, bank account and so on are never shown by us, and we urge you to not reveal such personal information to any other person.

Changes in GDPR

Any changes in the GDPR that affect will be implemented as soon as possible without any notice except in this statement. Therefore, go back here and check for any changes now and then.